Joel’s High Five Issues

Over the past few years, Charlotte has grown rapidly. While some parts of the city has seen prosperity, others have faced challenges. If we want to improve Charlotte, we must come together as a community to Bridge the Gap that divides our city.

As mayor, I want to focus on the “High Five Issues,” Reunifying the Community, Affordable Housing, Supporting Education, Reducing Crime, and Expanding Opportunities to all in the Charlotte area. Some of the most significant areas for improvement in Charlotte are:

  1. Charlotte’s communities, fractured by violent crime, school segregation, gentrification, homelessness, detrimental police-civilian relations, and racial discrimination, must unify by identifying and rectifying these issues.

  2. The city of Charlotte needs diverse, sustainable, and inclusive housing communities, which we will achieve by combining the private and public sectors of housing development.

  3. As mayor, I seek to positively influence Charlotte’s economic growth by developing strong and intentional relationships amongst all functions of government. I will yield prosperity to the citizens, first by working with educators and advocates to return skilled labor training curricula, urshing competent leadership to the of this great city!

  4. The primary solution to reducing crime in the city of Charlotte is active involvement in our schools and communities. We must influence our city’s youth, instilling in them a sense of intrinsic value: they are cared for, priceless, loved, and above all, have meaning. Out of this collaborative and shared goal of love, we will deal with crime.

  5. The city of Charlotte desperately needs economic integration and equal opportunity for economic advancement. As mayor, I will bring employment opportunities for our citizens. Working with current programs and organizations that will expand the volume of our workforce, making the city of Charlotte more desirable for collaborative and inclusive companies and organizations.